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2015 USBCHA National Finals

There are over 210 runs from the National Finals as well as Element Composite videos of the best lifts, sheds, international sheds, and pens.  These videos provide an extraordinary learning tool displaying the best dogs and handlers in North America on a difficult course with Western Range Ewes.  These sheep have been described as fire breathing and completely unmanageable, which for some, proved true.  Those dogs and handlers that understand how to speak to them were quite successful.


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The runs are captured and presented in HD resolution online. This allows us to maintain the image quality of the video and greatly reduces the distribution effort.


Access to the videos is through a year long rental.  


Also included in the rental will be 4 videos of the different elements of a run.  The first Element video focusing on the shed is now available.  Other videos to come are the Lift, Pen, and International Shed.


The final 17 International runs are also be available separately.  Individuals who desire an individual run may purchase them separately.  



To order individual runs or the Finals runs place your order below through Paypal below.  These orders will be distributed on a flash drive.

Individual Run..............................  $30.00

Final 17 International Runs.....   $50.00


How to order...



Press the Finals Videos button below.  You will be taken to to subscribe.


All 212 runs plus Element runs.............   $25

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