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Catbird Video Productions is excited to present the 2016 Working Dog Trial Series! 


Video capture of the best dogs from four of the top Border Collie events in the United States.  We will travel around the country this summer and video the Semi-Finals and Finals of each event making them available to competitors, aficionados, and fans throughout the world.


The Bluegrass Classic, Lexington, Ky - May 18 - 22


The Meeker Classic, Meeker, Co - September 7 - 11


The USBCHA National Finals, Carbondale, Co - September 13 - 18


We couldn't be more proud of the honor and thankful for the trust the hosts of these great trials have placed in our work.


Distribution will be through our favorite online host,, as well as files provided on flash drives.  


 Cost for all three events will be $25 through online subscription.

The three sheepdog events, Bluegrass, Meeker, and USBCHA Finals on a drive will be $85

Individual events will be $45 on a flash drive.


Thank you for your support!!!!

2016 Working dog Trial Series

How to Order:

Complete Working Dog Trial Series online subscription:    $25

Sheepdog Dog Trial events on a Flash Drive:          $85

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