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Where We Started!


With an introduction to working dogs in 1998 and sheepdog work in 2004, a whole new world of fascination was opened. Video work with sheepdogs started as a means of education... attempting to capture the great dogs and handlers of the day on some of the most difficult courses. This effort to learn and understand the dog teams evolved into a passion for quality video image as well.  People across the world were viewing our work so it became important to present the competitions from the best possible perspective.


Working dog videos has since grown to include Obedience training, K9 Nose Work®, and Agility.  We are looking forward to working with gun dogs and field trials.


If you are interested and would like to chat about videoing your event, please reach out to Dave!

A collage of runs catching what one might expect from a sheepdog field trial

The winning run from a field trial in Sonoma California.

A run from the Soldier Hollow Classic in Heber City, Utah.

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